1. Registration.

1.1 By registration on our servers, you automatically will agree with our rules.

1.2 Player is obligated to remember his personal login details (username, password), or store them in a safe place. In case of loss or theft of their own personal data, administrators can refuse to deal with their personal restoration, as if looking for rightful owner, etc.

1.3 It's Prohibited to use obscene, equivocal, offensive or provocative words in the names of the players, clans , titles , abbreviations guilds , etc.

1.4 It's Prohibited to deliberately create characters with names like the names of administrators, gamemasters, as well as posing to other players as member of Administration.

1.5 It's prohibited to transfer (sale) of game accounts for in-game currency and real money.

2. In-game process.

2.1 It's forbidden to use any kind of 3rd party software that affects gameplay & servers process.

2.2 It's forbidden to use any kind of game & server bugs.

2.3 The player is forced to immediately inform the Administration about the noticed bugs, errors, defects, or the game server errors. And as for the perpetrators that are using any kind of bugs & errors. Hiding this information will get you punished.

2.4 It's forbidden to insult other players directly or spreading rumors.

2.5 Trade is carried out directly by the both players, and any errors committed by the both parties while trading will remain on their own consequence.

2.6 It's Prohibited to have unauthorized access to someone else's game account.

2.7 It's Prohibited to flood (repeated or pointless messages) in game chat (general, trading , clan or private) .

3. Other rules

3.1 While Understanding our community rules, you consent to the processing of their personal data and their transfer to third parties for promotional and informational mailings.

3.2 It's forbidden to speak directly with the Server Administration, unless it's extreme necessity. Any appeal made to Administration must contain a clear statement of the player problems.

3.3 It's Forbidden to be disrespectful, negative attitude towards the server or Administration team, included insults, threats, etc.

3.4 Administrators has always rights, any given moment, without any explanation, to stop any services towards any player or server itself. 3.5 Administrators are not responsible for the loss of item property, skills, etc. as a result of players own ignorance towards the rules of the game , Responsibility of the owner of the account , regardless of who committed the action under this account.

3.6 It is forbidden to deliberately give false information to Administrators that is misleading their investigation.

3.7 It's forbidden to contact administrators for revoking their penalties, bans.

3.8 Administration team does not interfere with the gameplay in any way, except for the moments that is required for their attention.

3.9 Administrators never make gifts/enchants/selling/trading any kind of items & Weapons.

3.10 It's forbidden to spread any private conversations with the administration, that includes in-game/forums & any other chatting environment.

3.11 Administrators has right to make any necessary changes, without explaining themselves to anyone.

3.12 While accepting these terms and conditions, you should be aware that all gaming features, modifications, products and other in-game features are the products of L2Gold only. WE ARE NEITHER SPONSORED, NOR ENDORSED NOR IN ANY WAY AFFILIATED WITH LINEAGE 2, which is operated by NCsoft. Thus, all complaints or requested relating to the gaming serves provided on L2Golda servers should be addressed to us only.